Luis F. Otero

Workforce Management Quarterback

Nevada: 775.298.6979
East Coast: 202.207.8185
California: 408.813.4515

My experience

10 Years serving businesses of all sizes- with tailored fit technical solutions.5 Years living in San Jose. 3 Years in the Payroll/Benefits administration industry.

What can you do for me, Luis?

I can help give you peace of mind and time back in
your day.

How I do that is with a suite of tools that provide: job posting, applicant tracking, onboarding, payroll, time and attendance, Human Resources systems and support.

Let me be your one point of contact for all systems having to do with managing your employees- from hiring to firing or retiring. If I can’t solve your issues-I’ll know who can and “QB” the handoff.
If we do business, you’ll get a lifetime stakeholder. I am not like the competition- I own my book of business and am compensated on a residual basis; unlike my competition I do not partake in the one and done business model in the industry.

Some base level questions to ask:

  1. Am I short staffed? Do I know anyone who is
    short staffed?
  2. Do I pay my employees accurately, on time? Everytime? and report and deposit withholdings accurately and on time to all involved agencies? Everytime?
  3. Who is liable for any mistake that might happen? Is it me? My payroll provider?
  4. Who picks up the tab if there are any penalties incurred?
  5. Am I certain that I claimed all the available aid through the FFCRA?
  6. Do I know what ERTC is? *up to $26,000 per employee in federal credits for businesses that were partially shut down due to COVID-19 pandemic and public safety mandates
    resulting from it.
  7. Do I know what WOTC is? $2,400-$9,600 federal hiring credit
    per qualified hire.
  8. Why do my employees keep coming to me to submit time off
    requests and update benefits selections?
  9. Am I manually transferring benefits information? Insurance information?

Some deeper level questions to ask:

  1. Am confident that I am compliant on all of
    the above 100% ?
  2. How many legal complaints have ever been filed against my business? If so, how did that impact my business?
  3. Am I confident I’ve done my best effort to proactively shield the business against any liability that might come up?
  4. Can I get the same benefits the business offers its employees?
  5. How do pre-tax retirement and health contributions affect my take home income and my tax liability?
  6. Can I pass on my business to my kids? Do I want to? Would they
    take it?
  7. What’s my 5 year plan?
  8. What’s my exit plan?

I’d love to find out and help you walk through some of these questions.
Thank you,

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