Makes a difference…

As a business owner connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs is encouraging and beneficial to the well-being of my company. Getting to personally know members in this networking group also provides amazing business/service referrals to my clients, friends, and family.

Jeff Murphy

like a family away from family

Hello and welcome to RSVP San Jose Leads Group website, an extension of HCCSV. I have been part of RSVP Leads Group for many years.

This group is like a family away from family, in that we are not only business colleagues but a business family, with the goal of helping each other’s business. RSVP is a lifeline to future business.

I am fully confident that any person I introduce to an RSVP member will be taken care of in a professional way. Family helping family is the way I see it.

So if you’re looking for a family of business owners that are not really family, but an extension of yourself please look into our group for support.

Joel Velasquez

Building relationships…

I have been with RSVP for over ten years. I have seen several people successfully grow their business. With the help from the members, and our great presentations, we can help so many businesses grow. We also build relationships with all the members with our events. I feel these relationships have changed my business in such a positive way. This is the place to be to have fun but also get the word about your business.
You will love this group like I do.

Steve Ramona

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